Secretary-General's Report to the Security Council

The present document provides the Security Council with an updated
assessment of the state of the negotiations in Cyprus since the Secretary-General's previous report
(S/2011/498 – August 2011).

SG Report Good Offices 12 March 2012


Resolution 1325 - Cyprus 2012 Open Day


Remarks by Special Advisor of the Secretary-General Alexander Downer following the meeting of Cyprus Leaders at UNFICYP


Transcript of Remarks by Special Advisor of the Secretary-General Alexander Downer following the meeting of Cyprus Leaders at UNFICYP Chief of Mission Residence, United Nations Protected Area, Nicosia, 9 January 2012

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Leaders have met this morning for an hour and a half. This has been a meeting where we are preparing for the Greentree meeting which as you know is taking place on the 22 nd to the 24 th . This may be the last meeting of the Leaders before they move to the Greentree meeting. It has been decided that the representatives and their officials will meet tomorrow to talk about the executive issue and then meet on Wednesday or Thursday, we are still working on the time on one of those two days, to talk about the issue of property and territory. These will be important meetings in preparation for the Greentree meeting so we will be using these weeks for those purposes.

That’s it I think. I am happy to answer any questions.

Question : You said it “may” be the last meeting. Is it?

SASG : Well this is the last scheduled meeting. The Leaders obviously could meet again, if they wanted to, between now and Greentree because remember it is a fortnight away. But this was the last meeting that was scheduled and the reason it was scheduled, the last meeting of the Leaders and not the last meeting of the Representatives of course… The reason that it was scheduled for today as the last meeting is that we didn’t know the date that Greentree would be that time. So if the Leaders wish to meet again before Greentree, they certainly can do that and we would be happy to facilitate that within the next couple of weeks.

Question : Have you seen the necessary “determination” you talked about last week?

SASG : I think they are working at it very hard and as I explained, their representatives and their teams are going to meet on two occasions during the course of this week. There are quite clear plans for those meetings and we hope that those meetings will make a solid contribution to the process. If that could be defined as determination, yes all of that shows a determination. They certainly very much want, you know, in addressing these core issues, they want to be able to go into and come out of the Greentree meeting with some solid convergences.

Question : There is an impression that they have not made progress but that they will go to Greentree anyway. Is that your impression?

SASG : Don’t let me leave you with that impression. That might be right. That might be the impression some people have but don’t let me leave you with that impression. Every effort is being made and has been made, but is certainly being made during the course of this week and no doubt into next week to ensure that the core divergences that there still are, are reconciled that we can turn these divergences into convergences. So, every effort is being made to do that. Personally, I would much rather see those convergences achieved before Greentree rather than just leave anything to chance at Greentree. So, that’s why we are working on it. That’s why the representatives are meeting tomorrow and they are meeting on Wednesday or Thursday on two separate issues: one on the question of the executive and the second meeting is to be on the question of property and territory. Every effort is being made to get as much converged before Greentree rather than leave everything to two days in America.

Question : Was this meeting useful?

SASG : Well, I think it was a useful meeting yes. It sets up the process for the meetings tomorrow and on Wednesday or Thursday as well which should perhaps be looked at in a totality rather than disaggregating each of the meetings.

Thank you very much.


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