SASG Eide welcomes strong French support for Cyprus peace talks


Paris, 15th April 2016 – Today the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General (SASG) on Cyprus, Mr. Espen Barth Eide, met with the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Jean-Marc Ayrault. Eide briefed the minister on the progress made so far as well as on current challenges in the process, and thanked France for its strong support to the United Nations facilitated peace talks in Cyprus. They discussed how best to maximise international support for the reunification of Cyprus and encouraged the two communities to continue their efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement as soon as possible in order not to allow a unique opportunity to slip away.

They also discussed the role of the UN Security Council in supporting the implementation of a potential settlement between the communities in Cyprus, as well as the support of the European Union to the financing of the settlement. SASG Eide said: “As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and as a key member of the European Union, I welcome the high-level political support that France continues to provide for a solution in Cyprus. International support for the talks is vital to ensure lasting peace for all Cypriots. It is furthermore of paramount importance that the European character of the settlement is fully ensured. It is for the Cypriots themselves to decide on a solution, but the consequences of their choice will have ramifications for Europe, the wider region, and the world.” SASG Eide is also due to meet with other senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during his visit.