Statement by the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Cyprus, Mr. Espen Barth Eide

Espen Barth Eide, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General briefs the press on the third day of the Cyprus talks, Palais des Nations, Geneva. 11 January 2017. UN Photo / Violaine Martin

19 January 2017 – The Conference on Cyprus held its second session in Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland on 18-19 January at the level of deputies and experts. The working group, established during the high-level meeting in Geneva on 12 January, successfully completed the mandate entrusted to it by the Conference, namely identifying specific questions related to the issue of security and guarantees and the instruments needed to address them. The meetings were conducted in a positive spirit. The participants agreed not to disclose details about their discussions, as the proceedings of the conference have not yet concluded.